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Vancouver, CAN: World’s Best Food-Truck Tour

The final stop on the tour took the group to Tacofino’s brand new food truck on Burrard Street for Chocolate Diablo cookies.
Photograph by: RICHARD LAM, PNG

The Kaboom Box serves up only ocean-wise seafood, and despite our mouths still savouring the buttery naan, the sight of Ng carry the tray filled with hot smoked salmon fillets topped with toasted candied pecans and cranberries has us gathering around our guide for a brief description and an oh-so-brief taste.

Vancouver, WA: The Mighty Bowl

Next to Clark College on a Wednesday

The Mighty Bowl has a menu that reminds me of The Whole Bowl in Portland. It’s a vegetarian dish with brown rice, black beans, cheddar cheese, salsa, sour cream, olives, avocado, and cilantro.

Vancouver, WA: The Mighty Bowl Breaks Into Business

Customers gather at The Mighty Bowl, the first mobile food truck in Vancouver, at the intersection of East 22nd and Main streets at lunch on Wednesday. The truck changes location daily, partly to accommodate a city code, and also to broaden its following. photo  CHRIS DORWART

Vancouver’s first mobile food truck, sold out of food Thursday