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Seattle, WA: Food Truck Serves Up World’s Most Expensive Hot Dog


The gourmet toppings include teriyaki grilled onions, tender beef, black truffle shavings, caviar and a special Japanese mayo.

Seattle, WA: Marijuana Food Truck Set to Roll into Washington State this Weekend

Marijuana plants thrive in a Seattle, Washington, dispensary. (Mike Siegel / MCT)

Washington and Colorado are currently the only two states with laws supporting recreational marijuana use.

Seattle, WA: Food Trucks are Back in SLU!


If you work in SLU AND love food trucks, this is the story you’ve been waiting for!

Wallingford, WA: Paleo Food Truck at Wine World


The menu sounds unremarkable until you dive in a bit: Pork Carnitas, with a lettuce wrap in place of the tortilla, tabouleh with cauliflower instead of bulgar wheat.

Federal Way, WA: Food Trucks Belong in Downtown Federal Way

The Lumpia World food truck, shown last year at a stop in Seattle, also visited Federal Way. The owners eventually opened a restaurant based on the food truck's menu.— Image Credit: Courtesy Photo

Speaking of enriching Federal Way’s culture and economy, here’s some genuine food for thought. A food truck festival fad is sprouting in several U.S. cities. For example, the Mayor’s Food Truck Fiesta in Tampa, Fla., kicked off last week with a bunch of wheeled restaurants doling out everything from tacos to burgers to sandwiches.

Seattle, WA: Paleo Food Truck Outside the Box Officially Hits the Streets

Right now, CrossFit studios seem to proliferate faster than smoked meat and whiskey bars in Seattle. And hewing to a paleo diet is a central tenet of CrossFit culture—along with gut-wrenching workouts and speaking in abbreviations like WOD. 

But here’s the problem—eating paleo is hard. Not difficult as in the food isn’t good, but preparing food sans any grains, sugar, dairy, or processed food takes some serious planning. In other words, CrossFit folk will be pretty damn excited to hear that paleo food truck Outside the Box is officially open for business. 

Caterers and CrossFit devotees Charles Aguiling and Marizel Yuen hit the streets in July, and are busy building a regular schedule, which right now consists mainly of CrossFit studios. They’re also looking to branch out to other fitnesscentric facilities and maybe a few farmers markets, but the current schedule is up on the Outside the Box website. 

So far, says Aguiling, some of the most popular dishes are the pork carnitas on lettuce wraps and the sliders (well, large slider or modest-size burger) of grass-fed beef topped with bacon and served in an almond bun. A blackened bacon-wrapped prawn dish from opening week was also a big hit and is likely to appear again, says Yuen. 

Outside the Box had to halt its popular paleo meal delivery program for a few weeks to focus on the truck launch, but look for its return next week.

Paleo for the people. Especially the people at CrossFit studios.

Seattle, WA: Marination Mobile

Tacos, sliders, quesadillas, and more await customers of Marination Mobile.

A look into the story of the truck serving the streets of Seattle. Saxton marinated and Edison came over, and the two women supported each other over meals. Then the idea of a food truck came to them and Marination Mobile, The Saucy Food Truck was born.

Seattle, WA: Xplosive Truck Brings Filipino Food to the Masses


Gathered around Xplosive, customers are served with a smile and stand in circles as they eat their plates of fried rice, tacos and bánh mì sandwiches filled with chicken adobo.

Seattle, WA: Nosh, the Food Truck Debuts Wednesday

Seattle Fried Rabbit, braised red cabbage with granny smiths.
(via facebook)

The signature dish: fried rabbit. The prices: never more than $10.

Seattle, WA: Here’s the Lineup for the Seattle Street Food Festival

Technically this is the Mobile Food Rodeo. But you get the idea. Photo via Seattle Street Food Festival.

The inaugural Seattle Street Food Festival, slated for August 10 in Cal Anderson Park, has an official lineup, and more details about how exactly things will go down at this massive congregation of trucks, carts, booths, and other up-and-coming food outfits—plus plenty of well-known chefs and restaurants.