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Arlington, VA: Astro Doughnuts Hits the Road

(Courtesy Astro Doughnuts)

Good news for Northern Virginians: You’ll no longer have to trek to Metro Center for those prize-winning creme brulee doughnuts. Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken launched its food truck this morning, and you can catch it around Arlington dishing out coffee and doughnuts.

Arlington, VA: Rock Spring Food Truck Market


Rock Spring Park Market will host a local non-profit every week and August is Military Month

Arlington, VA: Will Arlington Food Trucks Be Able to Park Longer Than Two Hours or After 8 p.m.?

Customer Alioni Dameron waits for her Kafta Classic on the streets of Rosslyn. Photo by Michael Lee Pope.

County officials to consider creation of vending zones that would allow more flexibility.

Arlington, VA: Board Votes to Extend Food Truck Parking Time


Food trucks will now be able to serve customers on local streets for up to two hours. They will not, however, be able to stay longer than the time allocated by the meter zone they’re parked in.

Arlington, VA: Food Truck Climate Warms Up in Arlington

A customer purchases lunch from one of the hundreds of vending trucks that set up shop along the streets of Washington, DC. (Photo credit: PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

Food trucks in Arlington will have a whole two hours to sell their goodies now, as the county board unanimously approved doubling the previous one-hour parking limit Tuesday.

Arlington, VA: Board to Consider Food Truck Parking Change


Arlington’s food trucks may have an easier time adhering to the law if the County Board adopts changes to an ordinance this weekend. The parking issues that have been plaguing food truck vendors and resulted in legal battles in recent months will come up at Saturday’s board meeting.

Washington, DC: Goodbye, Food Trucks?


D.C.’s food truck industry is extremely profitable, though, and the trucks would probably do more business here than across the river. However, these restriction changes could certainly mean a large change in availability and accessibility to food trucks, as numerous businesses would likely shift to Virginia.

Arlington, VA: Why New Laws May Turn Arlington into a Food Truck Haven

Credit Rachel Hatzipanagos

Arlington County officials are looking at new regulations that would allow food truck vendors to stay in one place twice as long as they currently can.

Arlington, VA: Board to Consider Extending Parking Limit for Food Trucks


Food truck owners, fed up with getting ticketed for loitering when they refused to move, recently started mounting legal challenges against the ordinance, attacking the vague language. Last month they succeeded in getting prosecutors to drop loitering charges against one truck that was ticketed after police said it didn’t move “far enough.”

Arlington, VA: New Donut Truck Now Serving Arlington


There’s a new food truck prowling the streets of Arlington, bringing freshly-made mini donuts to local office workers.