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Ho Chi Minh City, VN : Unique Palatable Taste of Vietnamese Street Food

'Goi cuon' (Salad rolls) (Photo: Thanh Nien)

Vietnamese street food not only attracts local people, but is also well-known internationally and is often served in five star hotels.

Hanoi, VN: Street food Vendors Ignore Food hygiene regulations


The type of situation in which food outlets and drinking establishments are located next to drains and a bucket of water is used to wash hundreds of bowls and chopsticks must be ended

Hanoi, VN: 10 Must Eat Street Food Experiences

Street Cooking - Bun Cha

As I walk around Hanoi there is always somebody cooking or eating; breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper and more often than not in between. Within every 10 or 15 metres there is some degree of socialising around food; whether co-workers, friends, family or strangers, food induces a camaraderie I have not seen in Australia or England.

Indianapolis, IN: Announcing – The Food Truck For ART

fringe on wheels cc edit

Imagine a mini-fringe festival that travels all around Indianapolis and the state to bring performances, classes, and entertainment to YOU.

Vietnam: The Streetfood Vendor

In frame is the teenage pushcart vendor selling corn.

From a western perspective, the scene is rather quaint, the food something that we’d brand as streetfood and think twice about before consuming.