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Istanbul, TR : The Delightful Street Food of Istanbul

Try a Doner Kabob, one of the best known Turkish snacks / intan_a

Turkish food is one of the most complex and interesting cuisines of the world. The city of Istanbul was first Byzantium and then Constantinople, always being a bridge between Europe and Asia.

Istanbul, TR: World’s Top 10 Cities For Street Food – Istanbul


The capital of Turkey is paradise for those who love budget travel and a glitzy culture. It’s also a haven for foodies with street food ruling the roost.

Istanbul, TR : EAT – Street Food Battle – Tantuni vs Kokereç

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Tantuni features double cooked meat rolled in flat bread. Hailing from Mersin in the south-east, this delicious snack is only authentic if it is cooked in cotton seed oil, cotton being the main trade good from down there.