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Memphis, TN: Pop’s Smokehouse BBQ


There’s something on the menu for everyone, such as BBQ Nachos with fresh pulled pork, tortilla chips, signature sauce, jalapenos, and a dusting of their very own bbq rub (seasoning) to Pop’s BBQ Parfait which consists of a bbq meal in one cup, along with the all-popular Mesquite Grilled Chicken Wraps with artisan jalapeno mayo!

Memphis, TN: Local Food Truck Seeks to Unite Community with Healthy Alternatives

Robbie Porter
Senior exercise science major, D’Ernest Rucker visits the Memphis Punch on Echles Street trailer before hitting the Student Recreation and Fitness Center on campus.

It’s not just about a food truck or smoothies. It’s about making better choices, and there’s a whole network of people within the community trying to do just that. We just want to help make these healthy alternatives more seamless for the community

Memphis, TN: Kid Entrepreneurs Jaden Wheeler And Amaya Selmon’s ‘Kool’ Idea Leads To Food Truck Business

Courtesy by Kool Kidz Sno Konez

These kids are a perfect example of what the ordinance has done for Memphis,” Berger said. “It’s allowed people who wouldn’t have been able to start a business to get into business — even preteens

Memphis, TN: Pop’s Smokehouse BBQ Comes in a Sandwich or a Cup!

It's all good at Pop's Smokehouse BBQ, including the truck's inventive parfait, pictured above, and its pulled pork sandwich.

Although the fitted round lid teased ice cream, the cup’s ingredients were savory not sweet. Baked beans filled the bottom quarter of the cup, and cheese sauce came next, followed by pulled pork, barbecue sauce and more cheese sauce. A healthy scoop of cole slaw or potato salad crowned the glorious concoction.

Memphis, TN: Mobile Juice Bar Hits Memphis Streets

The So Fresh Mobile Juice bar will be serving up cold drinks across Memphis soon.
Chris Gray

A new food truck is hitting the Memphis streets, except, it’s not a food truck at all but a juice bar on wheels.

Memphis, TN: Food Rodeo Bucks Traditional Dining

photos By Patrick Lantrip
The Memphis Food Truck Association gathers at Shelby Farms every Sunday at noon in a Food Truck Rodeo.

The MFTA consists of several dozen local food trucks, and was formed to help the food truckers synchronize their whereabouts, work with the city to open up new places to operate, establish a social media presence to inform the public and organize the weekly rodeos.

Memphis. TN: Food Truck Alliance Grows With Rodeos


A so-called food truck rodeo is basically a gathering of two or more food trucks in one spot so that customers can have a choice of vendors to pick from. Berger said the Overton Park version likely will be the smaller one, with maybe two or three trucks, and the Shelby Farms version will have three or four.

Memphis, TN: Meals on Wheels – Stuffed Food Truck


Stuffed Food Truck is doing it right. Their menu is limited to burgers, empanadas, a few sides and a dessert empanada. It’s not a bad thing – by narrowing their options and not trying to replicate a full-scale restaurant on wheels, they’re able to serve the food quickly.

Memphis, TN: Students Go ‘Loca’ for Mobile Mexican Cuisine

photo By Deven Lyle | staff
Students flocked to the new La Lola Loca taco truck outside the University Center Monday afternoon to receive free taco samples.

Many students and faculty are satisfied with this new addition and are excited to have new options to choose from. Special Projects Coordinator for Student Affairs Lindsey Bray tweeted after visiting La Lola Loca about her experience and her anticipation of what is to come in the future.

Memphis, TN: Fuel Food Truck finds boost in catering to the ‘Nashville’ stars

The Fuel Food Truck spent the day feeding the cast and crew of ABC's hit series 'Nashville.'

They pay me for a prep day, my travel expenses, they pay for the wrap day and they pay me as a teamster