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Manila, PH: The Filipino Streetfood #2 – Betamax

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This food was commonly seen on food stalls along the busy streets. You can easily locate one stall that sells this kind of food if you can trace a thick white smoke coming from the burning charcoals.

Manila, PH: I love The Street Food in Espaňa, Manila


Business establishments sprouted rapidly in the vicinity because of the massive influx of students studying in various schools as well as the thousands employees from the nearby cities being employed in the area

San Francisco, CA: Bay Area Food Trucks Plan To Serve Up Relief For Typhoon Victims

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A coalition of Bay Area food trucks known as “Off The Grid” is joining together to help Typhoon victims get back on their feet.

Manila, PH: Manila’s Meals on Wheels – A Food Cart Revolution


Food carts have been around in the Philippines for quite some time. From your friendly neighborhood fish ball carts to the endless stalls you see in malls and train stations, these quick snack peddlers have filled many hungry tummies on the go.

Manila, PH: Food Trucks Invade Manila

Casa Gonis’ Wagyu Paella

They have arrived. Make way for those sleek, colorful kitchens on wheels similar to those that have invaded the food scene all over Washington, New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Manila, PH: Feasting Safely On Street Food


By Sol Vanzi | Manila Bulletin Street food is conquering the world. The tidbits once abhorred by jetsetters and fashionistas as trash and junk now dominate the TV Food Network’s prime shows hosted by acclaimed chefs from food capitals all over the planet. Street food reflects the culture and lifestyle of a city and its […]

Pangasinan, PH: 50 Pangasinenses Receive Vending Carts from DOLE


The individual beneficiaries received their vending carts and raw materials amounting to P750,000 in this town last Thursday. Training on production, entrepreneurship and business management will also be given to them

Manila, PH: Keep on (Food) Truckin’


The Avengers,” shawarma shacks have become so popular in the United States that they’ve practically made eating street food on a curb look cool.

Manila, PH: DOH to Nazarene Devotees – Avoid Street Food

Devotees of the Black Nazarene wave at the camera during the yearly procession in 2011. THOTS URPIANA

The Department of Health (DOH) “strongly advised” devotees who will attend Wednesday’s Black Nazarene procession to bring their own food and avoid eating from street stands.

Manila, Philippines: Fishball (Philippines StreetFood)


Fish balls are a common food in southern China and overseas Chinese communities made from surimi