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Asheville, NC: Masonic Temple Launches Asheville’s Latest Food-Truck Lot

NC-Ashevilles-latest food-truck_lot

The food-truck invasion continues. Starting today, with more to come on Monday, Sept. 30, downtown workers will have another quick-lunch option

Asheville, NC: More Food Truck Options on the Way


The vegan, mostly raw-food trailer that launched in August offers “guilt-free” smoothies, juices, salads, entrees and desserts.

Asheville, NC: Asheville Thai Restaurant to Open Food Truck

Green papaya salad from Little Bee Thai. / Special to Scene

Little Bee caught Asheville’s attention for its authentic Thai food, mostly because it was served from behind the counter of an Arden gas station. Took, who cooks everything herself, is dedicated to detail — so much so that waits could often be painfully long at the restaurant.

Asheville, NC: New Food Truck Hits Asheville’s South Side

Jeremiah Jackson's Farm to Fender food truck will stick to the south side of Asheville. The food truck will have a mural of food, from the seed to the plate, painted by artist Jason Brake. / special to Asheville Scene

The theory is that, the better we treat our planet, the community and the folks around us, the longer we’re going to be here. The longer we’re going to be here, the more we’re going to eat, and the more we’re going to eat, the more we get to cook. I love to cook, so I need to do everything in my power to spread that sustainability.

Asheville, NC: Food Trucks Ahoy – Bom Bus Brings the Portuguese, Smash Box has the Nicaraguan Food

Trevon Dunn of the Bom Bus

An increase in the number of downtown permits for food trucks would be nice, and that seems to be moving along.

Asheville, NC: Answer Man Delves into Oaths, Food Trucks

Donwon Lee and his wife, Miok Chung Lee, prepare lunch from their food truck, El Kimchi, on Coxe Avenue. Food trucks, just as with brick-and-mortar restaurants, are required to have a manager on site who is trained in food safety. / John Fletcher/

Mobile food trucks are required to have a manager present that is trained in basic food safety through ServSafe or an equivalent course, just as a restaurant does. Enforcement of this rule through loss of points in an inspection will begin in January 2014 for both mobile food units and restaurants

Asheville, NC: Asheville’s Masonic Lodge to Open Its Lot To Food Trucks

Exterior of the Masonic Lodge in Asheville. / John Fletcher

Space could host two trucks, farmers market, dining area, more

Asheville, NC: Lovin’ Tenders Food Truck opens this week on Haywood Road


“The street-food culture is one of the biggest, growing markets in the food business.”

Asheville, NC: City Looking at Food Trucks in Biltmore Village

Jerad Rast and Barbara Carpenter wait for their orders as Ashton Ratzlaff serves lunch to customers at the Melt Your Heart Gourmet Grilled Cheese food truck on Coxe Avenue in Asheville. The debate over food trucks picked up again as city officials look at whether the trucks should be allowed in Biltmore Village. / John Fletcher/

The city for years banned food trucks downtown. But after plenty of heated debate that pitted restaurant owners against the food trucks, City Council agreed last year to allow the trucks with restrictions.

Asheville, NC: Asheville’s Nate Kelly keeps trucking

Nate Kelly with wife Cynthia and son Hobbs in front of the Lowdown food truck. / Robert Bradley/Asheville Citizen-Times

Food truck owner talks pimento cheese and the mobile-food biz