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Maplewood, MO: First Licensed Food Truck in Maplewood Sells Out on First Day

The Speedway food truck operates at a previous event. Credit Speedway

The Maplewood City Council passed a law in October to allow food trucks in the city for a 6-month trial period, beginning this month.

Maplewood, MO: Maplewood May Allow Food Trucks After All

Jeannine Beck, executive director of the Maplewood Chamber of Commerce said the chamber is still against the idea of food trucks operating in Maplewood.

Jeannine Beck is still against the idea of food trucks operating in Maplewood

Food Truck Bans: Good or Bad for Business?

Sarah's Cake Stop mobile cupcake truck in downtown St. Louis on Valentine's Day.  Credit Christopher Reilly

Regulators have discussed bans on them for “cannibalizing” local businesses. But is that anti-competitive?

Food Trucks in Maplewood: Council Member Says Events Might be the Right Place

Could food trucks be in Maplewood's future? Credit Doug Miner

Lunchtime diners are driven by convenience, by cost, and by a pleasurable dining experience.

Maplewood’s Food Truck Discussion Attracts Media Attention

Maplewood Mayor Jim White and council members Barry Greenberg, Fred Wolf and Karen Wood oppose food trucks operating in the city.

“Trucks could “cannibalize” the local restaurants’ business,”

Maplewood, Mo: Would You Support Food Trucks in Maplewood?

Sarahs Cake Stop

They were afraid that food trucks would harm the existing brick-and-mortar restaurants