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Ann Arbor, MI: Food Truck Rally Coming to Wednesday Evening Ann Arbor Farmers Market

Food Truck Rally coming to Wednesday evening Ann Arbor Farmers Market |

We decided to host food truck rallies this year because we wanted to give trucks and carts that can’t sell here weekly as a vendor at our evening market a chance to show off their skills to the Ann Arbor community

Food Truckers: Inside Michigan’s Burgeoning Food Cart Experiment


Food carts aren’t just for working stiffs anymore.

Food Cart Vendors Hope They Can Sizzle in Detroit

Pam Guenzel, 66, of Ann Arbor gets two vegan Caesar salads at the Lunch Room food cart, one of seven food carts operating at Mark's Carts, an open-air lot in Ann Arbor that opened last month. / June 7 photo by PATRICIA BECK/Detroit Free Press

A cart center is “a fabulous incubator for small business,” Hodesh said. “I think it would be a tremendous … boon to Detroit.”

Ann Arbor, MI: Serious As A Cart Attack – A Look At Mark’s Carts

Mark's Carts in Ann Arbor, MI

Every cuisine has a cart somewhere in the U.S. — a little restaurant with no building, low overhead, and plenty of hungry customers. All of this is true of Mark’s Carts in Ann Arbor, which opened earlier this month.

Ann Arbor, MI: Mark’s Carts Opening Day – Hungry Crowd Feasts on Carnitas, BBQ Tofu & Ambiance

Derek Peterson, an employee of Darcy's Cart, works on filling an order.  Janet Miller | For

Opening day of Mark’s Carts, what eventually will be a collection of 10 individually owned and operated street food carts.

Michigan: Why Governor Doesn’t Like Film Tax Incentives

“We took a really big hit in 2008, and without the film business, it would’ve been hard to keep the doors open, with 25 jobs at risk. But we did the proper research, found out what productions look for, how they do it, and set out to do it better than anyone. We’re experienced with high end clients, which helped us, because film sets expect top notch service, and at any time, even 4am.” -- Eric Carlson, Chef/Owner

People who moved here, who started projects here, who opened smaller buildings, catering trucks and more.

Mark’s Carts Outdoor Food Courtyard to Debut Monday in Downtown Ann Arbor

Kevin Theaker smooths out concrete floor for the courtyard that will house Mark's Carts.

Mark’s Carts, Ann Arbor’s first outdoor food cart courtyard, is scheduled to open Monday.

‘Mark’s Carts’ to Expand Downtown Ann Arbor’s Outdoor Dining Scene

Downtown Home and Garden Owner Mark Hodesh stands in the area that will be home to Mark's Carts, a collection of 10 outdoor food carts offering a variety of eats, from vegan to Spanish paella and tapas. He plans to open at the end of April.

Mark Hodesh, owner of Downtown Home & Garden, has signed contracts with six food cart operators, offering a wide mix of food styles, from vegan dishes to headcheese hoagies. He hopes to add four more operators before opening.