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Portland, ME: Biting into the Fantasy

BOYS ON THE SIDE Favreau seeks fulfillment in his mainstream foodie film Chef.

Film and food trucks rev up our primal urges

Portland, ME: Fish and Chips – Made with Maine Brews – Hit the Road

Ceviche is one of the daily options from the new Fishin’ Ships food truck, an alternative to the truck’s staple: fried fish in batter made with local beers and served with fries made from Maine potatoes. Photo by Gage Souza/Staff Photographer

Fishin’ Ships, which opened its window earlier this month, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, is the city’s only “ocean-to-table” fish and chips food truck. Brown, a Bar Harbor native, and Gorelick, a transplanted Philadelphian, use fish like hake, pollock and redfish, which, unlike cod, have stable populations.

Portland, ME: Eat and Run – Mainely Burgers Food Truck, Portland

Mainely Burgers attendant Jackson Berman chats with a customer at the lunch wagon in Portland.
Carl D. Walsh/Staff Photographer

Buns are usually an afterthought to a hamburger with me, but the bun on the Mainah was a work of bakery art. It was big, light, fluffy and perfect for catching and containing the juice from the burger and all the other drippings that melted cheese and mayo can create. I also liked the way my burger was half-wrapped in wax paper and served in a paper basket, like I was at some 1950s drive-in.

Portland, ME: Food Trucks Face Regulatory Speed Bumps


Portland, a longtime mobile eats conscientious objector, has finally joined the “food truck revolution,” but there are still plenty of regulatory issues that could make it difficult for trucks to succeed in the city, writes Meredith Goad in her Soup to Nuts column in the Press Herald.

Portland, ME: Portland Finally Joining Food Truck Revolution

Customers queue up at El Corazon food truck, which was parked on Commercial Street in Portland on Sunday.
Tim Greenway/Staff Photographer

It’s a bit late to the party, and there remain some wrinkles to be ironed out, but this summer, Portland finally joins the food truck revolution.

National News: 4 Cities with Amazing Food Truck Scenes

Check out the rows of amazing food trucks and carts the next time you’re hungry in Portland. Photo: Flickr

By now, food trucks are a mainstream phenomenon, one igniting cravings countrywide. Offering a tasty reason for a themed vacation, some cities take portable vittles to new heights.

Portland, ME: Portland Chefs’ New Food Truck Will Serve Hand Pies, Rice Bowls


The bowls would be a nice option for us to come up with a daily special or utilize the offcuts we can get from local farms and be able to do something a little bit different in a bowl format

Seattle, WA: Hey West Coast, Seattle Trucks Like Your Style

Chego's ooey gooey fries are loaded with sambal, three types of cheeses, sour cream, cilantro and pickled garlic

Game on sister; you’re steppin’ with your gat on safety because here are three mobile food concepts originating from Los Angeles, Portland, and San Francisco that Seattle has covered.

Portland, ME: Business Beat: “Gusto’s” – New Food Truck on East End Specializing in Italian Favorites

Gusto’s Food Truck on Commercial Street

Take a good look at this brand new food truck – Gusto’s – because more than likely you will be seeing more of them around Portland as time goes on.

Portland, ME: Food Truck Plans Appear to Be on Back Burner

Bite Into Maine

Applications have been available since Aug. 16, but no one has submitted one.