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Portland, ME: Biting into the Fantasy

BOYS ON THE SIDE Favreau seeks fulfillment in his mainstream foodie film Chef.

Film and food trucks rev up our primal urges

Portland, ME: Fish and Chips – Made with Maine Brews – Hit the Road

Ceviche is one of the daily options from the new Fishin’ Ships food truck, an alternative to the truck’s staple: fried fish in batter made with local beers and served with fries made from Maine potatoes. Photo by Gage Souza/Staff Photographer

Fishin’ Ships, which opened its window earlier this month, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, is the city’s only “ocean-to-table” fish and chips food truck. Brown, a Bar Harbor native, and Gorelick, a transplanted Philadelphian, use fish like hake, pollock and redfish, which, unlike cod, have stable populations.

Portland, ME: Food Truck Fleet Updates


LINE ‘EM UP Portland’s kitchens on wheels are emerging from hibernation.

Bangor, ME: Schnitzel’s Austrian Grill Food Truck Opening Delayed Temporarily

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Schitzel’s plans to serve chicken and pork schnitzel — thin pounded, breaded, fried cutlets — with potato salad, gulasch and green salads. There will also be sausages like bratwurst and currywurst, and Belgian fries.

Westbrook, ME: The Food’s Wicked Good on Thursdays

Staff photo by Suzanne Hodgson
Wicked Good food truck
Nikita Golovko enjoys the chicken and waffles at the Wicked Good food truck, which parks in front of Haven’s Candies on County Road every Thursday during the lunch hour.

Every Thursday, the truck parks there, fires up the grill and the crew begins to cook food that includes some wicked (for you) food-truck staples like fries and cheese steak and some good (for you) food like raw pad thai, salads and wraps, all at under $10 per menu item.

Kennebunk, ME: Proposed Food Truck Regs Go Too Far

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As proposed, the ordinance would deny a mobile food vendor license to any person who has been incarcerated for a year or more within the past five years; and prohibit operation within 100 feet of a restaurant or other establishment that sells similar products, with the definition being that 40 percent of their products are similar.

Portland, ME: Eat and Run – Mainely Burgers Food Truck, Portland

Mainely Burgers attendant Jackson Berman chats with a customer at the lunch wagon in Portland.
Carl D. Walsh/Staff Photographer

Buns are usually an afterthought to a hamburger with me, but the bun on the Mainah was a work of bakery art. It was big, light, fluffy and perfect for catching and containing the juice from the burger and all the other drippings that melted cheese and mayo can create. I also liked the way my burger was half-wrapped in wax paper and served in a paper basket, like I was at some 1950s drive-in.

Leeds, ME: Eats: Moose’s Mobile Kitchen Brings the Barbecue To You

Ron Kyllonen, owner of Moose's Mobile Kitchen, opens the top of a grill in his backyard, where he was preparing a barbecue for an upcoming event recently.

Moose’s menu also includes roasted corn on the cob. “When you steam corn, the sugar doesn’t caramelize the same way that it does when you roast it,” says Kyllonen. “When you eat corn that’s been roasted it’s sweeter and it’s a beautiful dish to serve.”

Bangor, ME: Food Truck Sees Need for More in the Queen City


When I came here I thought to myself man this is a really great area and you can really do business here…I wish more people would go into that scene. It’s really a good business

Portland, ME: Food Trucks Face Regulatory Speed Bumps


Portland, a longtime mobile eats conscientious objector, has finally joined the “food truck revolution,” but there are still plenty of regulatory issues that could make it difficult for trucks to succeed in the city, writes Meredith Goad in her Soup to Nuts column in the Press Herald.