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Lafayette, IN: City Regulations, Red Tape to Blame for Dearth of Local Food Trucks

Kenny Richards, left, and Amber Davis, right, work with Debbie Bucher inside the Emergency Munchie Truck at the Sagamore West Farmers Market in West Lafayette, on July 31. / Brent Drinkut/Journal & Courier

Trucks are allowed to stay as long as they want on private property with the owner’s permission, but if they’d like to park downtown, they must follow parking rules like anyone else.

Lafayette,. IN: Street Food Saturday


This is Indianapolis’ first all vegetarian food truck event! We need your attendance to show these food trucks that Veg*ism is running strong in Indianapolis and vegetarian & vegan items should be on their menus.

Lafayette, IN: Need food now? Emergency Munchie Truck Rolls into Town to Answer Call for Fast Eats

The Nutty Monkey is banana slices with Nutella or peanut butter grilled with two waffles and sprinkled with powdered sugar. / By John Terhune/Journal & Courier

The Emergency Munchie Truck opened Nov. 24, and it is giving the local scene a taste of the national food truck craze.

Lafayette, IN: Police Stop More HOT FOOD TRUCKS Near Lafayette


About a ton of food was destroyed