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Toronto, CAN: Food Truck Events to look forward to this Spring


Here’s a few food truck events you can look forward to this Spring season.

Toronto, CAN: For Better Or Worse, Food-Truck Bylaw Is Passed


City Council has finally granted approval for more food trucks to vend on city streets. But the new bylaw, passed last week, comes with serious strings attached: only 100 licenses will be made available at a cost of $5000 each, and trucks can’t park within 50 metres of a restaurant

Toronto, CAN: New Rules For Toronto Street Vending Leaves Vendors Hopeful Yet Hungry For More Change


Permits given to trucks will be limited to 125 permits over the next 12 months (there’s currently 27 already claimed) and will be limited to one per person. What will happen to trucks that have two or more trucks?

Toronto, CAN: Toronto has Nothing to Fear From Food Trucks, says Jennifer Bain

On May 15, gourmet food trucks will finally be allowed to roam Toronto, park on some streets, and sell meals from parking lots. It's about time.

On May 15, gourmet food trucks will finally be allowed to roam Toronto, park on some streets, and sell meals from parking lots. It’s about time.

Toronto, CAN: Toronto Food Scene – Trucks, Carts and Pop-Ups


After a long (nearly) three years, diverse street food has now been opened up in Toronto thanks to the hard fighting folks at Food Forward and the street loving community at-large.

Toronto, CAN: Toronto Food Truck Pilot Project Extended


Toronto is extending the food truck pilot project past its scheduled end date according to a report.

Toronto, CAN: Food Trucks Get Feted (and rained on) at AwesTRUCK


AwesTRUCK, Canada’s largest food truck rally, brought together more than 50 mobile kitchens on Saturday and as you may recall, the weather was super shitty. The outdoor venue at Fort York’s Garrison Commons quickly became a mud pit and flooded in the ceaseless rain.

Toronto, CAN: Food Trucks to Look Out for at Nuit Blanche 2013


Toronto’s gourmet trucks spread along the event at four different spots along the Nuit Blanche trail.

Toronto, CAN: Send in the Food Trucks

via Flickr, Sid Friedman

This is a change from Toronto’s current bylaws, which many find frustrating and restrictive. Unlike other cities, Toronto food trucks can only operate on private property and at festivals, except for older trucks, which have benefited from a 2002 moratorium on licenses that allowed them to operate curbside on public property. Newer businesses haven’t been so lucky, which is where the pilot project comes in.

Toronto, CAN: First Look – Bestia, A Mobile Neapolitan Pizzeria from the Owners of The Slow Room

The Porta a Porta, a take on the calzone (Images: David Ort

The truck’s obvious focal point is the Forno Bravo oven that Mandarino installed himself. In such a small space, it is impossible to miss a 900°F wood-burning fire.