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Ottawa, CAN: A Food Truck Love Affair – Ottawa’s First Annual Food Truck Rally

Some of the food truck rally goodies.

Food truck gatherings are great for this mingling of cuisines. Where else can you munch on icing sugar-dusted beignets while waiting for a dosa

Ottawa, CAN: Ottawans Flock to Food Truck Rally

Lisa Danay, left, shows off her Uttapam platter she picked up from food vendor Dosa Inc., while her friend Taylor Akin gets ready to try out her masala dosa. Hundreds turned out for Ottawa first Food Truck Rally in Little Italy Saturday, where 11 vendors put their tastiest treats on display

The crepe-like pastry has toppings cooked right into the batter and was a hot item at Dosa Inc., a food vendor on display at Ottawa’s first Food Truck Rally in Little Italy.

Ottawa, CAN: Huge Crowd at First Ottawa Food Truck Rally


From gourmet grilled cheese to frozen custard, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Ottawa, CAN: Food Truck Rally Will Offer A Taste of Ottawa’s Newest Street Food

Madison O’Connor and Sharif Vinari have organized a giant food truck rally for Sept. 28 on a vacant lot at Rochester and Pamilla streets. Vendors will be selling small plates for $4 and large plates for $6, and at the end of the day, organizers will announce winners of best small plate, the best large plate, and the best truck paint job.
Photograph by: Bruno Schlumberger , Ottawa Citizen

A dozen new trucks and carts will be cooking in a parking lot at the corner of Rochester and Pamilla streets, giving people a one-stop opportunity to sample Ottawa’s new street food scene.

Ottawa, CAN: Bylaw Compromises with Food-Truck Operator on Residential Parking Spot

Ben Baird, whose food truck is too big to park in his residential driveway, has found a new spot.
Photograph by: Bruno Schlumberger , Ottawa Citizen

The proprietor of the big blue Ottawa Streat Gourmet truck, which sets up most weekdays at Queen and O’Connor streets, had been parking in his Mooney’s Bay driveway, though the truck is bigger than the city’s rules say a vehicle can be if it’s stored on a residential property.

Ottawa, CAN: Find Another Place to Park, City Tells New Food-Truck Operator

Chef and new food-truck operator Ben Baird has been given notice by the bylaw department that his truck is too big to park it in his driveway at night. He’ll have find some place else to park it by July 5 or face fines.
Photograph by: Bruno Schlumberger , Ottawa Citizen

Chef and new food-truck operator Ben Baird is looking for a new place to park his truck now that he’s been told to have it out of the driveway of his house by July 5.

Ottawa, CAN: Keep on Truckin’

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I had no idea how many trucks were coming to Ottawa until I started looking at your articles on the website ( You got like a crazy number.

Ottawa, CAN: Showdown at the Eat Street corral

These are good times for omnivores in Ottawa!

Ottawa City Hall is a place, I suspect, where politicians are more accustomed to circling wagons than food trucks.

Ottawa, CAN: Ottawa Gets Taste of New Food-Truck Fare


The new trucks and carts will add to the 44 street food vendors already licensed.

Ottawa, CAN: Food Truck Scene Puts Ottawa on the Map “in a Very Big Way,” says Eat St. Host

Food truck Streat welcome hungry Ottawans with its gourmet treats to the sold out Street Food Showcase Wednesday.

I’m very proud to say Ottawa is now a leader in terms of the food truck revolution