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Edmonton, CAN: The Food Trucks are Coming


Join us for a new event featuring food trucks, beer gardens, tours of the historic grain elevators, music and more!

Montreal, CAN: A Long Summer Ahead for Some Montreal Food Trucks


hen the City of Montreal ended an almost half-century ban on food trucks, the buzz it created was palpable; finally, one could walk outdoors and buy a bagel or even steak tartar from a vehicle.

Montreal, CAN: Montreal Food Truck Vendors Upset Over Rejected Permit Applications

Louis-Pierre Charest says he wants to know why he was refused a permit to operate his food truck this summer in downtown Montreal. (CBC)

Some vendors spent several thousand dollars sprucing up their trucks, but didn’t make the cut this year

Edmonton, CAN: Edmonton Food Truck Looking to Contest to Boost Business

Nevin and Kara Fenske are hoping to add to their food truck business with a new cart funded through an online competition.

It would just be a cart not another truck, but I don’t really want to say what we would be serving. That is still a secret

Montreal, CAN: Food Truck Review – Sauce Overload at Ô Soeurs Volantes


The vegetarian meatballs were the perfect blend of spicy and savoury. They came served on a bed of roasted vegetables with a garden salad and French fries.

Montreal, CAN: Food Truckin’: Pas d’cochon dans mon salon


This truck has a unique style of serving– its back doors are open, inviting customers to enjoy a view that would belong in an old fashioned BBQ house. Among the short, yet interestingly wide assortment of food they offer (oysters, gazpacho and a Florentine salad), the signature dish PCDMS is known for was what we needed to try: the pulled pork sandwich.

Montreal, CAN: Food Truck Review – Winneburger


The fresh poppy-seed Kaiser bun was barely toasted, leaving it light and squishy in each bite. The deliciously seasoned patty was smothered in cheese, and loosely topped with a slice of tomato, some lettuce and raw onions.

Montreal, CAN: First Food Truck Experience

Super Truck

The salad dressing surprised me. It actually tastes a bit asian, but I believe it’s because the use of garlic in it. There was a lot of duck meat in there, and the way they wrapped it is an easy to-go meal!

Edmonton, CAN: City Clarifies Policies for Edmonton Food Trucks

Food truck set up in downtown Edmonton, July 2013 Emily Mertz, Global News

Under Edmonton’s policies, street vendors can operate until 3 a.m., unless they are in a city park. In a park, they can operate until 11 p.m. or the stated closing time of the park.

Montreal, CAN: If the City Wants Food Trucks to Fail, it Should Just Add Some More Questionable Rules

Because it’s a “pilot project” only 27 food trucks are licensed for the whole city.
Photograph by: Justin Tang , The Gazette

For starters, because it’s a “pilot project” only 27 trucks are licensed for the whole city. That’s about one truck per 75,000 Montrealers. No wonder they’re hard to find.