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Edmonton, CAN: Edmonton Food Truck Looking to Contest to Boost Business

Nevin and Kara Fenske are hoping to add to their food truck business with a new cart funded through an online competition.

It would just be a cart not another truck, but I don’t really want to say what we would be serving. That is still a secret

Montreal, CAN: Food Truck Review – Sauce Overload at Ô Soeurs Volantes


The vegetarian meatballs were the perfect blend of spicy and savoury. They came served on a bed of roasted vegetables with a garden salad and French fries.

Montreal, CAN: Food Truckin’: Pas d’cochon dans mon salon


This truck has a unique style of serving– its back doors are open, inviting customers to enjoy a view that would belong in an old fashioned BBQ house. Among the short, yet interestingly wide assortment of food they offer (oysters, gazpacho and a Florentine salad), the signature dish PCDMS is known for was what we needed to try: the pulled pork sandwich.

Montreal, CAN: Food Truck Review – Winneburger


The fresh poppy-seed Kaiser bun was barely toasted, leaving it light and squishy in each bite. The deliciously seasoned patty was smothered in cheese, and loosely topped with a slice of tomato, some lettuce and raw onions.

Montreal, CAN: First Food Truck Experience

Super Truck

The salad dressing surprised me. It actually tastes a bit asian, but I believe it’s because the use of garlic in it. There was a lot of duck meat in there, and the way they wrapped it is an easy to-go meal!

Edmonton, CAN: City Clarifies Policies for Edmonton Food Trucks

Food truck set up in downtown Edmonton, July 2013 Emily Mertz, Global News

Under Edmonton’s policies, street vendors can operate until 3 a.m., unless they are in a city park. In a park, they can operate until 11 p.m. or the stated closing time of the park.

Montreal, CAN: If the City Wants Food Trucks to Fail, it Should Just Add Some More Questionable Rules

Because it’s a “pilot project” only 27 food trucks are licensed for the whole city.
Photograph by: Justin Tang , The Gazette

For starters, because it’s a “pilot project” only 27 trucks are licensed for the whole city. That’s about one truck per 75,000 Montrealers. No wonder they’re hard to find.

Edmonton, CAN: Edmonton’s Food Trucks Feed Urban Landscape with Spontaneous Delight

Two food trucks set up Monday at 107th Street and 100th Avenue in Edmonton.

Food trucks offer a unique take on food, something different than you would find in many restaurants,” Yeo says. “They offer higher quality at a lower price, which means people are more willing to experiment and try new dishes.

Montreal, CAN: Map and More at Food Trucks 411

Montreal food trucks 411

Just add the hashtag #mtlfoodtrucks on Twitter or Instagram and we’ll post them alongside Sarah Musgrave’s Meals with Wheels food-truck summer series. Speaking of which…

Edmonton, CAN: Drift Food Truck


Tthe flavour and texture of the sandwich was reminiscent of a Vietnamese sub, however the pork belly wasn’t quite as flavourful as they expected it to be.