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La Jolla, CA: Food Trucks May Soon Serve Bites on Private Property

Food truck file photo.

Food trucks are currently not allowed on private property unless they’re at a permitted special event.

La Jolla, CA: Say Puesto for Upscale Mexican Street Food in La Jolla


The brothers – Alan and Eric Adler share a Mexican-American cultural background and grew up around taste treats similar to Gonzalez’ cuisine. “We’d never seen anyone cook such amazing Mexican food

San Diego, CA: Roving Fresh and Simple in a Food Truck


When the food truck craze began boiling over in Los Angeles, San Diegans were left scratching their heads.

Keep on Truckin’ with 3 Trendy Mobile Meal Makers


Wonder Bread sandwiches, bagged chips, and sugary drinks have been supplanted by the trendy gourmet mobile food trucks that tool around town and turn up at farmers markets and like venues. Here are a few for citywide meals-a-go-go.

Italian Gourmet Lunch Wagon in La Jolla 2 Days a Week

Enzo Mauri and Marco Pavlinovic will be in La Jolla with their food truck. Photo: Dave Schwab

“I always wanted a restaurant but I can’t afford it. Now I can say the economy put me on the street — it really did,” quipped Pavlinovic.