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Berkeley, CA: Daniel’s Caribbean Kitchen Serves Awesome Rotis in West Berkeley


Daniel’s Caribbean Kitchen shares the lot with a small pottery shop called Jered’s Pottery (2720 San Pablo Ave.). It’s an unassuming little spot, but if you like Trinidadian food, you should head over as soon as possible.

Berkeley, CA: Plans Afoot for Berkeley Beer, Food Truck Garden

Detail of the design for the outdoor dining garden proposed for the corner of Gilman and Curtis streets. Image: DSA Architects

We’re excited that we might coincide with the reopening of the pathway. The concept is that the garden will be very accessible to cyclists and bike-friendly

New Berkeley, CA: New Berkeley Home Found for Displaced Food Trucks

David N/Berkeleyside
Ann Vu and her daughter Sandy in front of the Healthy Heavenly Foods trailer.

Michael Koh, owner of Dojo Dog, Ann Vu, owner of Healthy Heavenly Foods, and Jack Huynh, owner of Kettle Corn Star, were forced to vacate their previous location near the intersection of Telegraph and Bancroft in December, when construction started.

Berkeley, CA: Food Trucks to Reopen Due to Efforts from City Council

Through the efforts of the city council, the food trucks may be relocated to the plaza near Boalt Hall.

We’re satisfied in the sense that we get to go back to work,. As for how that new location will work out, only time will tell. We’re taking it one step at a time and are grateful.

Berkeley, CA: New Berkeley Home Found for Displaced Food Tucks

Ann Vu and her daughter Sandy in front of the Healthy Heavenly Foods trailer. Photo: David N

Three food truck vendors who were displaced by UC Berkeley’s construction at Sproul Plaza have been found a new location at the corner of Bancroft and College. According to an announcement from Mayor Tom Bates, the vendors will be able to renew their permits to operate in the new location for an additional two years.

Berkeley, CA: Berkeley City Council to Consider Relocating Food Trucks

The Heavenly Food Cart , run by Ann Vu, use to be set up in front of Upper Sproul Plaza near Bancroft and Telegraph.

This construction project has been planned for five years. It’s not like some emergency that just sprung up

Berkeley, CA: Help the Food Truck Owners


CITY AFFAIRS: Food trucks that used to set up in front of Sproul Plaza deserve help from the city and campus to find a new location for business.

Berkeley, CA: Off The Grid says goodbye to Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto

Off The Grid had its last North Berkeley food truck gathering on Shattuck Avenue and Rose Street

Off The Grid, the food truck fest that has been a fixture on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto every Wednesday evening since June last year, had its last day in that location yesterday.