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St. Augustine Beach, FL: Beach Food Truck Trial Period Extended Three Months


Even though St. Augustine Beach Commissioners and city residents continue to disagree on the food truck issue, they can agree that change is coming to the community where the vendors are concerned.

Fredericton, CAN: Fredericton Restaurants Say Too Many Restrictions When Starting Food Trucks

In Fredericton, food trucks need a class four license - the same as any restaurant. That means four sinks, hook-ups for water and sewer, and a generator. That’s a lot for a small trailer.
Emily Baron Cadloff/Global News

There was a lot of hoops to jump through to get the trailer to that standard. And I can understand it would be difficult for a lot of new businesses and anyone who wanted to open up a food truck to obtain that license

Chicago, IL: Chicago Bullies Food Truck Owners

Laura Pekarik, owner of Cupcakes for Courage, who is suing the city of Chicago over its food truck rules. (Heather Charles, Chicago Tribune)

Pekarik owns Cupcakes for Courage, a mobile cupcake shop that makes stops along the streets of Chicago almost every day. She donates 10 percent of sales to cancer-related charities as a way to honor her sister Kathy, who was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2010 and now is in remission.

Orlando, FL: Action 9 Investigates Dirty Food Trucks


Actions 9 exposes food trucks that keep failing state inspections and could make you sick. The rolling restaurants are widely popular, but WFTV’s Todd Ulrich found the state has failed to get some truck owners to clean up their act.

Perth, AUS: Wheels in Motion for Perth Food Trucks

The Veggie Patch Van took part in Sydney's food truck pilot program.

The Perth City Council has approved a trial of mobile food trading in the City of Perth, but not in the CBD.

West Monroe, LA: Mobile Food Vending is No Easy Task

The Slider Rider vehicle parks outside the company's home of operations in West Monroe.

That ordinance, which was originally brought up in the spring, was challenged by owners of restaurants, specifically in southern Monroe who were worried about being put out of business.

Lubbock, TX: Food Truck Owners Excited Over First Reading Pass at City Council


Food trucks can be here. I think there are some rules, but I think you will see them proliferate because the rules and restrictions have been widened to where they can operate a lot more places than they could before

New Iberia, LA: Food Trucks Challenge Operations Ordinance


New Iberia food truck vendors will be heading to city hall next week. Vendors said they’re losing money and they have city council members to blame.

Boston, MA: Food Initiatives, Food Trucks Need to Get Their Act Together


The City of Boston’s Office of Food Initiatives has, pun intended, a pretty full plate. As popular as various food programs are, and as much as they have grown, I don’t know if they have had much, if any, increased staffing.

Windsor, CAN: Yum! Windsor’s First Food Truck Festival To Be Held This September


The rally is our way of showcasing to city officials that cities and the wants of its citizens are evolving and that it’s time to look into having some of the licensing guidelines for food trucks in this city loosened