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Nashville, TN: Nashville Food Trucks Book Launch Party this Saturday (Plus a Giveaway)


Nashville Food Trucks: Stories & Recipes from the Road features the stories of how and why Nashville’s favorite food truck operators got started, as well as recipes for signature menu items.

National News: Four Triangle Food Trucks Featured in New Book


This is a handy tome for a road trip: The Boka Taco truck in Richmond, Va., serves a Asian-Mexican menu.

Chicago, IL: Chicagoan Writes Book on the All-American Hot Dog


Health food this is not. But the all-American allure of the hot dog endures.

Toronto, CAN: StreetEats Toronto, the New Guidebook to the City’s Street Food Scene


He’s recently compiled his experiences and vast knowledge of Toronto’s diverse street food scene to pen StreetEats Toronto, a guidebook filled with insider tips, profiles and stories featuring many of Toronto’s favourite food trucks.

New York, NY: New York City Food Trucks – A New Way to Bite the Big Apple

Deborah Smith, owner of Green Pirate Juice Truck, whips up a ‘Walk the Plank’ that includes kale, cucumber, pineapple and spinach. Photo by Katrina Woznicki / Lonely Planet.

New York City‘s iconic hot dog carts are sharing increasingly crowded curbs with high-end food trucks dishing up Belgian waffles, Korean barbecue, gourmet whoopie pies and new interpretations of American classics.

Hudson, NY: Tortillaville Cook’s Book Dishes on Food Truck Business

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Branigan’s book claims to be the first of its kind, giving readers flavorful anecdotes, and more than 30 recipes, straight from the mouth of an actual food truck cook.

New York, NY: Love New York’s Food Trucks and Carts? There’s a New Book for That


In the book, 50 vendors are profiled, and recipes from (or inspired by) their cart’s offerings are made available, in many cases for the first time.

National News: Street Food Cookbooks – The Word on the Street


If the idea of eating food from the back of a van doesn’t sound very appealing, you’ll be happy to hear that the trend for street food is taking a new direction – namely coming off the street and into your kitchen.

London, UK: Cookbooks – The Word on the Street

The Pitt Cue van underneath Hungerford Bridge. The recipe book is out this summer. Photograph: Katherine Rose for the Observer

Street food traders are queueing up to write down their recipes and publish cookbooks. Will the results live up to expectations and inject some life into the genre?

Yellowknife, CAN: Food Truck Vendor Profiled by National Magazine


One of Yellowknife’s popular food trucks will be featured in a high profile national magazine this spring.