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Camp Hill, PA: Sherri’s Fun Foods Rents Out Space to Other Companies

Keith Behney, owner of Sherri's Crab Cakes, Camp Hill, will rent out their kitchen and processing center to other food based companies that only need kitchen space for a short time frame.

A lot of food businesses discover that finding a kitchen is one of the major obstacles to getting started because it requires getting approval from the health department and keeping up on that approval. And since Behney has a food truck business with Sherri’s Crab Cakes, he recognized that others could be facing the same issue he did in the Midstate.

Saskatoon, CAN: Local Web Company Launches GPS Tracking in Saskatoon Food Trucks

Finding a food truck on the streets of Saskatoon just became easier. A website that uses GPS technology to track the trucks just launched.

Hungry Saskatoon residents lost downtown searching for their favourite food truck may have just found their lunch-time saviour.

Minneapolis, MN: Cummins Onan Powers Food Trucks for Expansion of Cafe2U Mobile Coffee Franchise.


Cafe2U relies on Cummins Onan to power global expansion of mobile coffee franchise

North Charleston, SC: Join the Movement with One of Our Custom Food Trucks


Gorilla Fabrication specializes in building out Custom Food Trucks. Mobile Eateries, Catering Trucks and Beer Trucks

Miami, FL: Food Truck Builders Shift into High Gear


We wanted to do something whimsical, slightly southern, slightly risque. The whole deal with the truck was to have fun

National News: Cummins Onan Handy Online Sizing Tool for Mobile Generators


The application walks users through a logical step-by-step specification process, supplying them with convenient visual references and suggested categories.

National News: Food Trucks Motor Into the Mainstream


Food trucks cost much less to start and run than a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant. They can also quickly and easily test new concepts, menus and recipes.

National News: Get Ready for the Change of Seasons w/ Special Discount Offers on Cummins Onan Maintenance Parts for Food Truck generators


Take good care of your Food Truck generator

National News: What NSF Means to Mobile Kitchens

NSF logo

These standards and codes are established by the National Sanitation foundation (NSF).

National: Mobile Kitchen Generators – Should You or Should You Not

Cummins 12k OwenGeneratorOD 8000

A generator is a necessity in your mobile kitchen unit.