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Detroit, MI: Ann Arbor Restaurateur Sava Lelcaj to Grow Brand with New Venture

savco's newest space on Boardwalk Dr., shown April 22, will house a small market, offices, and a commercial kitchen. Brianne Bowen | The Ann Arbor News

Ann Arbor restaurateur Sava Lelcaj is ready to take on her newest venture, five months after she opened a Spanish tapas restaurant downtown.

Toronto, CAN: Food Truck Events to look forward to this Spring


Here’s a few food truck events you can look forward to this Spring season.

Seattle, WA: Paleo Food Truck Outside the Box Officially Hits the Streets

Right now, CrossFit studios seem to proliferate faster than smoked meat and whiskey bars in Seattle. And hewing to a paleo diet is a central tenet of CrossFit culture—along with gut-wrenching workouts and speaking in abbreviations like WOD. 

But here’s the problem—eating paleo is hard. Not difficult as in the food isn’t good, but preparing food sans any grains, sugar, dairy, or processed food takes some serious planning. In other words, CrossFit folk will be pretty damn excited to hear that paleo food truck Outside the Box is officially open for business. 

Caterers and CrossFit devotees Charles Aguiling and Marizel Yuen hit the streets in July, and are busy building a regular schedule, which right now consists mainly of CrossFit studios. They’re also looking to branch out to other fitnesscentric facilities and maybe a few farmers markets, but the current schedule is up on the Outside the Box website. 

So far, says Aguiling, some of the most popular dishes are the pork carnitas on lettuce wraps and the sliders (well, large slider or modest-size burger) of grass-fed beef topped with bacon and served in an almond bun. A blackened bacon-wrapped prawn dish from opening week was also a big hit and is likely to appear again, says Yuen. 

Outside the Box had to halt its popular paleo meal delivery program for a few weeks to focus on the truck launch, but look for its return next week.

Paleo for the people. Especially the people at CrossFit studios.

Wilmington, NC: Food Trucks Take Over Commercial Space

(Photo by Liz Biro)

Wilmington city rules require food truck operators to work from brick-and-mortar kitchens, a mandate challenging food truck operators.

Wilmington, NC: Bites & Sips – Food Truck Owners Set Up Commissary

Jeremy Johnson of Poor Piggy's BBQ Truck looks for the next person in line during Wilmington's first Truck-a-Roo Food Truck Extravaganza along Water Street.

Watching Wilmington’s food truck scene evolve is a lesson in the modern marketplace.

Chicago, IL: The Salsa Truck Starting Food Truck Commissary


The Salsa Truck, is trying to get around it by starting a home base for their truck’s cooking, plus 20 brick-and-mortar seats, in a commissary named The Garage

Ft. Worth, TX: Shady Fort Worth Food Truck Exposed

Meson del Bajio's operators were busted showering in their truck. [Photo credit: Cowtown Chow Down/Facebook]

Food trucks are all required to park at a commissary overnight, where they’re thoroughly scrubbed down and cleaned—and can dispose of their waste properly and safely—but the city of Fort Worth merely requires trucks to visit a commissary once a day, and some of the mobile eateries aren’t even doing that.

Charlotte, NC: Food Trucks Can Skip the Full Kitchen Under New Law


No more commissary kitchen requirements for food trucks

Columbus, OH: ‘Fact-Finding’ Meeting on Food Trucks Tonight

The institute opened an 8,000-square-foot "Food Fort" July 1, 2011, on Parkwood Avenue on the Near East Side, offering food preparation and storage space for cart owners.

Food trucks became an issue in Clintonville

Youngstown, OH: The Kitchen Incubator Promotes Locally Produced Items

Youngstown Farmers Market

Converse wants his people to succeed.