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Marquette, MI: Taco Truck Grabs Grant Jump Start

A line forms outside the food truck parked in the University BP parking lot Tuesday during the lunch hour. (Journal photos by Jackie Stark)

Dia de los Tacos was the only grant recipient not to receive the full $10,000 amount because part of its grant application requested money for food, which was not allowed under the program.

New York, NY: Street Eats – Spicy Shrimp Banh Mi from the Paris Sandwich Truck

(credit: NYSF)

Taking the sandwich out of the wrapper, it was still warm on the bottom. When we bit into it, the warm shrimp contrasted nicely with the cool, crisp veggies – pickled carrots, cucumbers and daikon. There was also several stalks of fresh cilantro in the banh mi.

Morristown, TN: Morristown Food Truck Launches Fundraiser After Fire


Everything is local as possible. Our beef is ground everyday by a local butcher, our tomatoes, our produce all come from the area, Grainger County, Knox County

New York, NY: How Three Brothers Launched A Delivery Business Caffeinating New York’s Tech Startup Scene

They started out delivering coffee and frozen yogurt from a food truck in Manhattan.

Courtesy of Joyride Coffee

The company delivers high-end coffee from roasters like Stumptown, Intelligentsia and Blue Bottle to well-known clients in Silicon Alley, including Foursquare, Twitter, Buzzfeed, and Gilt.

Spokane, WA: Spokane Leaders Making it Easier for Food Truck Start-Ups


The City of Spokane is looking into ways to make it easier for food vendors to go mobile. City leaders said they are getting more interest from entrepreneurs who want to run a mobile food truck or food cart business in Spokane.

Syracuse, NY: Syracuse Area Food Trucks Start to Stake Out their Locations

The STIR Mobile Eatery sets up starting today at the Pioneer Business Park, 5000 Campuswood Drive in East Syracuse. (Stephen D. Cannerelli / The Post-Standard)

Their offerings include a falafel sandwich, mushroom burger, fried chicken and a burger spiced with harissa, a hot red chili pepper paste from North Africa.

Amherst, MA: Amherst to Rule on Food Trucks


An online petition has surfaced that supports the food trucks and the interests of their owners.

Philadelphia, PA: Hey, Speaking Of Food Trucks – “How To Start A Food Truck” Clinic For Prospective Owners

PA-how to start food truck

Here’s something for those of you who read that last story about the crew from FLK starting up their own food truck and said, “Hey, that sounds like a GREAT idea! I need to go out and do that right now!”

New York, NY: Mamu Thai Noodle Truck Is This Close To Reality…And You Can Help

(credit: Mamu Thai Noodle facebook)

Give the guy a hand, and you will be rewarded with great food, enthusiastic high-fives, and online shout-outs. For those of you with serious cash to spare, he is even offering cooking classes and catered events.

Atlanta, GA: The Food Truck Life – On the Move & the Menu

Mmm... burgers! Brett's burgers are what have made him famous in Atlanta.

Ever wanted to know what’s it like to run a food truck? Take an American Journey…