The 8 Best Food Trucks In New York City

The 8 Best Food Trucks In New York City

As the craze grows, with more people opting to eat from trucks rather than traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants

By Jennifer Polland | Business Insider

Food trucks are not a new craze, yet they’re still one of the most popular ways to eat in New York City.

And as the craze grows, with more people opting to eat from trucks rather than traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants, the food trucks improve, offering high-quality gourmet concoctions that you can’t find anywhere else.

But with so many trucks traversing New York City’s streets, how do you know which ones are actually good?

The editors at Zagat recently came out with their list of New York’s 8 Best Food Trucks to help guide us. There are a few unconventional ice cream trucks, a Korean taco truck and a roving waffle mobile..

#8 Kelvin Natural

Location: @kelvinslushKelvin makes addictive slush drinks, like ginger slush with blueberries and citrus slush with fresh mint, which are perfect for cooling you down on a hot summer day.

#7 Yvonne’s Jamaican

Location: 71st and York Ave.Parked on the Upper East Side, Yvonne’s Jamaican serves up a changing roster of traditional Jamaican and Caribbean food, like jerk chicken, curried goat or oxtail stew. There’s often a line, but it’s worth waiting for.

#6 Wafels & Dinges

Location: @waffletruckThis fleet of roving waffle-making trucks offers a taste of Belgium, with their authentic and delicious pressed waffles, which can be topped with a variety of sweet and savory “dinges” (toppings).

#5 Korilla Food Truck

Location: @korillabbqThis cool Korean BBQ truck serves tasty grilled meats and veggies with sticky rice. They also make Korean tacos topped with items like spicy kimchi.

#4 Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

Location: @biggayicecreamThe Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is a fabulous, dressed-up ice cream truck that serves traditional soft serve flavors (vanilla, chocolate) with “flamboyant” toppings (curry coconut, cayenne pepper).

They also have creative and entertaining names for their ice cream concoctions, like “Salty Pimp,” “Bea Arthur” and “The Mermaid.”

#3 Taïm Mobile

Location: @taimmobile This mobile vegetarian Israeli food vendor serves arguably the best falafel in the city: it’s fried, crispy and incredibly flavorful. Pair that falafel sandwich with saffron aïoli fries, one of their fresh salads or a smoothie.

Be prepared to wait.

#2 Coolhaus

Location: @coolhausNYThis L.A. import serves incredible freshly-made ice cream sandwiches made from quality ingredients like artisanal ice cream sandwiched between locally-made cookies.

#1 Luke’s Lobster Truck (Nauti)

Location: @lukeslobsternyNauti, Luke’s Lobster’s food truck, serves meaty and satisfying Maine lobster rolls. It’s a bit pricier than other food trucks (it is lobster, after all), but it’s still worth chasing after.

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